Gate Valve Overview

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Smith gate valves are manufactured in a variety of designs: bolted or welded bonnet, conventional or full port, threaded, socket-weld, flanged, weld end, extended body and reinforced extended body types. Pressure classes include 150 through 2500.  From  our Houston manufacturing facility we offer valves in the following materials: A105, LF2, F11, F5, F22, F9, 316/316L, 304/304L,316H, 304H, 317/317L, 321, 347, 347H, F51,  F44,  F20,  I825,  I600 AND M400.  All valves are manufactured in accordance with all applicable API 602 and ASME B16.34 standards.

Other Categories

Check Valves

Check valves are uni-directional valves that automatically open with forward-flow and close against reverse-flow acting as a backflow prevention device. browse check valves >

Globe Valves

Globe valves are normally considered uni-directional valves and are installed when the ability to regulate the flow rate is desired. The valves are sometimes referred to as throttling valves. browse globe valves >

Specialty Valves

Specialty valves are produced in gate, globe and check valve designs for various critical applications. These applications include Nace, HF acid service, sour gas service, chlorine service, cryogenic service, blow-down service and oxygen clean service to name a few. browse specialty valves >



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