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Based on extensive, rigorous, and independent laboratory testing, inspection and field experience, we guarantee that Smith Forged Steel valves will provide low-emission service, on stem and gasket seals, under normal operating conditions, provided that gland and body-bonnet bolting is torqued to minimum values as listed in the current Smith Maintenance Manuals.


  • Unique die-formed flexible graphite packing cartridge with braided graphite end rings.
  • Metallic spiral wound gasket with graphite filler.

Maximum Emissions:
Using EPA Method 21 leakage rate.

  • Gaskets – 10 PPMv
  • Stem Seal – 50 PPMv

Technical Data:

Leachable Chloride 50 PPM max
Sulfur content 500 PPM max
Carbon content > 99.0 %
Ash content < 1.0%
Chemical Resistance Range pH 0-14
Density after forming 93 -106 lbs/ft3  

For Special applications such as high temperature, high pressure, high flow conditions and frequent cycling or high toxic fluids, please consult the factory.

This information may change without notice. Other designs and materials are available.

Contact your Smith Valve representative for additional request.

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